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About IPTF

IPTF Group Picture from the 20th AnniversaryIndigenous Peoples Task Force (IPTF) is a Native American provider of HIV education and direct services to the Native community in Minnesota. For over 20 years, IPTF has developed and implemented culturally appropriate programs to prevent further transmission of HIV, increase access to traditional and western medical services, and
improve the quality of life for clients,
families, and communities.

Board of Directors

  • Susan Allen, Chairperson
    Susan is Ojibwe/Lakota and an attorney at law.
  • Don Crofut, Secretary Treasurer
    Don is Muscogee Creek and the President of Shakopee Prior Lake Credit Union.
  • Roxanne White, Vice Chair.
    Roxanne is an HIV activist and works for St. Paul Family Services.
  • Karen Clark, Director
    Karen is a state representative for the Minnnesota House, and represents the Phillips Neighborhood.
Programs and Services
Tobacco Programs
HIV Programs
Youth Education Through Theatre
Celebrations and News
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