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HIV Couseling and Testing Referral

IPTF offers FREE HIV Rapid testing at our Main Office and the Housing Community Center during normal business hours. Pre and Post Test Counseling and Referrals are provided along with Incentives. Call 1-877-319-8246 to schedule HIV testing in greater Minnesota.

Ganawenima Case Management

Raven hands Man a Red RibbonThe Ganawenima (to take care of ) Case Management Program offers counselling and support services to individuals living with HIV/AIDS and their families. Services include advocacy, assessments, care plans, and referrals to western and traditional medicine. Clients and case managers work in partnership to plan and coordinate services to achieve a healthy, balanced life.

Case management provides referrals to the Bridging Project, Community Voice Mail, Every Penny Counts.

Download: Case Management Brochure (49 KB PDF)

Women's Intergenerational Program

This program trains inter-generational women of all ages to become educators in their communities by creating a safe environment where women can learn about environmental and lifestyle risks that may affect their health. Once trained, women host Safer Snaggin' Parties in their homes to share what they have learned with other women in their network of family and friends.

Download: Women's Peer Education Brochure (454 KB PDF)

Pow-Wow Leadership for Women

Popular Opinion Leaders.  we will be using the Popular Opinion Leaders evidence based program to educate Native Women who are frequent Pow-wow participants to train them as peer educators to increase testing among this population.  IPTF will continue to provide outreach and testing at 12 pow wows per year and other community celebrations through-out the state and region.

Housing at Maynidoowahdak Odena

Maynidoowahdak Odena (place where ceremonies happen), a 14 unit housing complex, includes aspects of tribal community living for individuals with disabilities, and their families. Each resident works with the supportive housing services coordinator to develop a housing care advocacy plan identifying and addressing any issues that may impact their housing status. Maynidoowahdak Odena received the design of the Year Award for Affordable Housing from the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency.

Community Promise Program

Community Promise will provide HIV Education, Outreach and Testing to Native Americans who are patients in Alcohol and Drug treatment programs in the north west portion of the state.  People in alcohol and drug treatment programs will be encouraged to tell their stories to promote testing among their peers. We will also provide free HIV rapid testing to these centers.


  • Indigenous Peoples Task Force : (612) 870-1723 x18
  • Indigenous Peoples Task Force Toll Free : 1-877-319-8246
  • Minnesota AIDS Project : (612) 341-2060
  • Minnesota AIDS Project AIDS hotline : (612) 373-2437
  • Red Door Clinic : (612) 543-5555
  • Native American Community Clinic : (612) 872-8086
  • Indian Health Board : (612) 721-9800

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