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For centuries before the arrival of Europeans, Ojibwe and Dakotas people used tobacco, in the form of kinnikinnik or chanshasha in ceremonies to carry prayers to the Creator. Using Native tobacco in a sacred manner is not a health risk. Today, commercial tobacco use in the Native American community is causing high rates of cancer. The Minnesota Native American Council on Tobacco (MNACT) is a comprehensive, multi-generational tobacco prevention and control initiative to improve the health and quality of life among Native Americans in Minnesota.

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Download: Indigenous Peoples Task Force, Creating Healthier Policies in Indian Casinos Tribal Report (577 KB PDF)

Tribal Support Center

IPTF's Tribal Support Center is funded by the Centers for Disease Control to provide training and technical assistance to American Indian community based organizations and tribal programs. This year, IPTF will focus on Keepin It Sacred, a youth prevention/intervention pilot program. This program will educate youth on two reservations on the health effects of smoking and second hand smoke.  Each youth who takes a smoke free pledge will receive incentives.  IPTF also offers technical assistance for tribal tobacco staff and community based programs as requested. Our 5th annual Connecting Our Lifeways Conference is in the planning stages with the Minnesota Native American Council on Tobacco. For more information on any of these programs, please contact or by telephone at 612-722-6248.  Migwetch


Visit the MNACT Toolkit for more resources and information about tobacco, cessation and policy.

For more information on an effort to advocate and educate for traditional tobacco use and commercial abuse by IPTF and Minnesota Native American Council on Tobacco (MNACT).

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The Waybinigay: Releasing our Addictions is a culturally specific smoking prevention and cessation program for Native American youth & young adults ages 11-23.

Participants of Waybinigay receive information, skills, cultural teachings, and ceremony through a 8-session curriculum. The program provides access to cultural activities through evening events, and social support for quitting. Upon finishing the eight-session curriculum, each participant receive incentives for completing the program & completing the 3 month follow-up questionnaire.

Current Waybinigay Activities:

  • Monthly cultural activities, every first Wednesday

Download: Tobacco Brochure (501 KB PDF)

Tobacco Rap

How to Grow Tobacco

How Big Tobacco exploits our images


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